7 common misconceptions about careers in process manufacturing

by Triumph Academy on November 11, 2020 in blog, Cert II, Cert III, Cert IV, Cert V, Manufacturing and Warehousing, News & Resources

If you tell your parents that you’re looking for a career in process manufacturing, they might not seem so impressed. Despite some myths and opinions, process manufacturing is an exciting and growing area of industry. Let’s take a look at some of them and start debunking some of these common misconceptions.

#1- “The manufacturing industry is in decline-it’s not a viable career.”

Many people think that the manufacturing industry has been in steady decline since the industrial revolution back in the nineteenth century. Instead, it’s just the opposite. The Australian Industry Group’s report cites that the manufacturing industry in Australia has increased by $23.9 billion since 2008. This statistic shows growth despite a drop in sales by $46.1 billion across the same period, demonstrating that process manufacturing isn’t going anywhere.

It’s clear then that a career in process manufacturing is a stable and sensible choice for young people looking to find work.

#2- “Process manufacturing is just a fancy term for warehouse worker.”

Process manufacturing is an umbrella term for numerous careers within the industry, one of which is a warehouse worker. However, as well as this, you could work as a manufacturing process worker, manufacturing team leader, process operator, or a warehouse machinery operator. The manufacturing industry is much more than manual labour; it requires management positions and experts in machinery.

On top of this, becoming a warehouse worker isn’t a bad career option. In this role, you learn essential organisation skills and the inner workings of businesses by managing both inbound and outbound materials. There’s an increasing amount of software usage in warehouse operations too, offering you valuable know-how in industry IT systems.

#3- “Only men work in process manufacturing.”

While there are fewer women in the manufacturing industry than men, this is changing. A recent Government report showed that 632,400 men are working in manufacturing compared to the 251,000 women in the same industry. That means women make up 28% of the industry, which when compared to construction (13%), mining (16%), and transport (20%) demonstrates significant progress towards gender equality.

Yes, there is a long way to go in achieving gender equality in process manufacturing. However, women are leading the way in manufacturing and, as these statistics show, starting to make meaningful change.

#4- “Everything will be run by AI in a few years.”

A common misconception in process manufacturing is that artificial intelligence, or AI, will take over most jobs within the next decade. As the Australian Manufacturing Forum highlight, while the industry will lose 1.8 million to automation by 2020, it will create a further 2.3 million jobs.

In other words, automation is not eradicating more jobs than it creates. Machines may do much of the heavy lifting, but they need careful monitoring and qualified operators to maintain optimal efficiency.

#5- “There’s no money in process manufacturing.”

The average salary for a forklift operator alone is $28 per hour, equating to approximately $54,000 per year when working full time. If you ask us, that’s a decent salary for a starting wage. Plus, this is just one example within a vast and varied industry, meaning there are plenty of high-paying jobs out there.

#6- “You don’t need a qualification to work in process manufacturing.”

While some entry-level jobs may not require prior qualifications, for a career in the industry, it’s a good idea to have a Certificate III in Process Manufacturing. Sometimes referred to by its course code MSM30116, this course covers everything you need to know for a successful career in process manufacturing.

The MySkills government website cites that 45% of graduates from a Certificate III in Process Manufacturing have an improved work status after their course, resulting in a new job or a promotion.

#7- “Obtaining a forklift licence is really difficult.”

Obtaining your forklift license is a short course called TLILIC0003, and is a straightforward process to learning how to operate the machinery safely. Luckily for you, the forklift licence is included in our Certificate III in Process Manufacturing at Triumph Training Academy so that you can gain a comprehensive set of skills for a career in the industry.

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