About Us

Triumph Training Academy is a new and rapidly growing registered training organisation located in Queensland. It was formed with a passion for enhancing the skills and knowledge of people working in Australian industry.

All Triumph Training Academy personnel are highly skilled professionals with substantial knowledge through experience at the front line of the industry & education sectors. Our students are treated as individuals in recognition of their unique training requirements.

Through our delivery of training and education we aim to assist the thousands of aspiring working age people of Queensland Australia to achieve their ambitions in life and to become better versions of themselves. To rise up and succeed.


Triumph Training Academy offers Certificate level training and education in Business, Transport and Manufacturing with a continually growing scope in offered courses. The qualifications we offer are specifically chosen to be of those which give you the training and education background needed for real job outcomes and career progression.

To equip you with the skills and knowledge responsive to industry and learner needs.


  • An organisation committed to its clients
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Career advice provided
  • Flexible learning options
  • Continuous improvement philosophy
  • Ongoing support through to certification
  • Gain increased workplace skills and knowledge
  • Be inspired with confidence to achieve career progression
  • Relaxed & modern environment suited for learning
  • Increase your workplace efficiency, proficiency and service delivery
  • Highly experienced trainers (we select only the best)