Driving an UBER versus getting a forklift licence

by Triumph Academy on October 28, 2020 in Courses, Driving Operations, Manufacturing and Warehousing, News & Resources

In the thriving shared economy environment, everyone has the opportunity to profit from it. At this present moment, the most lucrative is the rideshare sector. With job losses rising amidst the pandemic as well as the restructuring of economies attributable to the digital revolution, securing an income as an Uber driver seems appealing. But the verdict is still out on whether being a rideshare driver makes long-term sense.

The alternative to becoming a rideshare driver is to consider other forms of employment or profession. In some cases, it requires learning a new skill altogether, for example, being a forklift driver. Whilst it’s not exactly a skill and job synonymous with the digital revolution, lifting and shifting heavy items from one place to another isn’t likely to go away. Rideshares, on the other hand, can be replaced by self-driving cars. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably contemplating being a rideshare driver. Before you make the switch, read on to discover the job prospects of a forklift qualification.

1. Secured income

The sharing economy, of which rideshare is a huge part of, is relatively new. Unlike most other sectors, it hasn’t passed the test of protracted economic downfall. It’s barely keeping itself above water in the current pandemic. Hence, if you’re looking for a long-term secured income, go for jobs that have withstood the test of time and circumstances. There’ll always be some heavy lifting to do!

2. Secured hours

As an Uber driver, you’ll have less control over your working hours. They are subjected to the demand for rides. It can be peak hours, which means stiff competition, or late at night/wee hours of the morning, which encroaches into your personal time. Either way, your income stream is as unpredictable as your working hours. As a forklift driver, on the other hand, once employed, you’re guaranteed the hours. In these unprecedented times, secured working hours is a premium.

3. Superannuation

If there’s ever been a doubt about the usefulness of superannuation, the pandemic has brought clarity to it. To combat the loss of income brought about by the shutdown of the economy, people were allowed to draw down on their superannuation savings. It was a welcome relief for many. Some semblance of normalcy prevailed in their lives amidst the chaos. Building up your superannuation is more challenging as an Uber driver. Without the security of work and income, you’re left exposed.

4. Security

Change is the only constant factor. Uncertainty is the only certainty. You’ve heard these countless times. Nothing remains the same for long. As mentioned, self-driving cars will take to the road in the not-so-distant future. They are currently being piloted in a number of countries already.

Unless you can progress to becoming a supervisor, manager or perhaps owning your own rideshare business, becoming a driver for Uber can be a dead-end career switch. It doesn’t offer the long-term security you’ll need. But with eCommerce growing bigger, forklift drivers are an important component of the workforce needed to support it.

5. Job progression

It’s not just a job; its a career in logistics when you make the switch to being a forklift driver. How far and fast you progress is a decision in your hands. And, as mentioned, with eCommerce growing, there’re lots of moving and shifting of goods to be done. As it expands, so will the job opportunities in it or those related to it. Unlike with becoming an Uber driver, the scope for growth is huge.

Upskilling or acquiring a new skill can be daunting for some. After all, it feels like you’re going back to school. To this end, lifelong learning is an attitude and aptitude you must acquire fast. They’re no longer considered as fallbacks. Rather, they’re essential to remain relevant and employable.

As a licenced forklift driver, it’s more than skill and qualification you’ll be acquiring. You’ve got on your resume a professional certification to demonstrate your training and capabilities. Over time, it will be the experience too.

Moreover, as mentioned, you’ll be part of a growing industry, eCommerce. The future is bright. So get started on your forklift licence today.