Higher Level Skills

Launch your career to greater heights with our Higher Level Skills courses, funded by the Queensland Government.

The Higher Level Skills program has various intended benefits for both individuals and employers. Individuals are able to gain the higher-level skills required to secure employment or career advancement in a priority industry or transition to university. Employers are able to address workforce development needs.

The program provides a government subsidy to support eligible individuals to access one subsidised training place in selected certificate IV and above qualifications, or priority skill sets. Triumph Training Academy is one of the selected providers of this program in Queensland.

The following funded qualification is offered to eligible individuals by Triumph Training Academy:

TLI41816 Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to enrol in a funded qualification, you need to:

  • Be aged 15 years or above, and no longer at school
  • Permanently reside in Queensland
  • Be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (includes humanitarian entrant), temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency, or a New Zealand citizen
  • Not hold, and not be enrolled in, a certificate IV or higher level qualification, not including qualifications completed at school and foundation skills training.

To be eligible for concession you need to meet the above eligibility criteria and:

  • hold a health care or concession card issued under Commonwealth law, or
  • have proof that you are a partner or dependant of a person who holds a health care or concession card and is named on that card.

For some subsidised courses under the program, the industry and training package requires you to be an existing worker in the industry to be eligible to enrol. There is no minimum education requirement, other than the standard entry requirements.

For more information on the Higher Level Skills, refer to the student fact sheet.

Important information

Once you complete a qualification through this program you will no longer be eligible for further subsidised training under this program.

For information on how we process our fees and our refunds please download and read our Fees and Refund policy here.

Students will be required to complete a Training and Employment survey within three months of completing or discontinuing the course.

What is the cost?

TLI41816 Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations:

For eligible non-concessional participants:

$42.00 for full qualification or $2.00 per unit of competency

For eligible concessional participants:

$21.00 for full qualification or $1.00 per unit of competency