Upgrade Yourself with Certified Courses in Manufacturing & Warehousing

by Triumph Training on July 19, 2019 in News & Resources

Upgrade Yourself with Certified Courses in Manufacturing & Warehousing

In today’s professional world, there is more competition than ever before. Industries from education to manufacturing – and everything in-between – are evolving rapidly and becoming more and more saturated. This means that in order for a business to succeed it must be led by the most talented and skilled workers.

With the demand for highly-skilled workers so imperative for businesses, it pays for individuals to gain qualifications in their chosen field. By upgrading their skill set and experience, individuals are more valuable and therefore more attractive to employers.

If your area of work is in manufacturing or warehouse operations (including, but not limited to, transportation and storage for goods and merchandise) you may benefit from undertaking a qualification in either Process Manufacturing or Warehouse Operations to enhance your skills, make you more employable and fast-track your career.

To find out more about Triumph Training Academy’s warehouse operations and management courses and manufacturing courses in Australia, and how they can benefit your career growth, keep reading

Process Manufacturing (Certificate III)

The Certificate III in Process Manufacturing is designed for workers who provide support to the production of goods. Certification courses in manufacturing teach students about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) procedures; how to engage in environmentally sustainable work practices; maintaining a clean and safe workplace environment; operating advanced equipment and identifying faults; organising and managing inventory, and much more.

The qualification will afford them the skills they need to handle advanced operations and step into more senior roles such as:

  • Manufacturing Process Operator
  • Process Support Operator

Warehouse Operations (Certificate III and Certificate IV)

The Certificate III and IV in Warehouse Operations are qualifications suitable for workers in the warehouse and storage industry that offer individuals a wide range of skills that equip them to perform warehouse practices in a professional, efficient and safe manner.

The course units will teach and prepare students on workplace responsibility, legislation, documentation, health and safety procedures; the handling, receiving and organisation of stock; handling equipment; providing customer service; the operation and security procedures of dealing with goods and cargo; sustainability and environmental protection policies, and so much more.

At Triumph Training Academy we offer two warehouse operations and management courses – the Certificate III and Certificate IV in Warehouse Operations. Once an individual has gained these qualifications he or she will have the knowledge and skills to move into careers such as:

  • Warehouse Manager
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Warehouse Team Leader
  • Bulk Storage Distribution Supervisor
  • Distribution Analyst
  • Import/Export Coordinator

Upgrade your skill set for a brighter future!

In order to succeed within a professional environment, it pays to enroll onto a course where you can acquire advanced skills and knowledge that will make you stand out amongst your peers and in turn more appealing to superiors. Doing so will result in you reaching your career goals more quickly. Enroll in a manufacturing or warehouse operations course today and reap the rewards!

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